"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

Timely and consistent reporting is vital to understand how that your business is behaving, so that you can capitalise on what is working and identify areas for concern before they become problems.


If someone is tasked with managing a specific target (e.g. cost per sale) then they will do that, regardless of what impact it has on the business as a whole.  Having an “outside voice” can be very helpful in identifying what is important and creating a planned, cohesive approach.


Analysis Marketing can help with your reporting requirements by:


  • Helping you create consistent definitions across your organisation


  • Provide input to what measurements to include within Key Performance Indicators.


  • Producing automated reporting solutions, to save you time and help accuracy


Presenting your data in way that is attractive and interactive whilst retaining depth.  We use a range experience in a range of tools including SPSS, SAS, Excel, Access and Xcelsius.


Xcelsius in particular is something that can help give the 'WOW' factor to reports providing a greater level of end-user engagement rather than just providing a static set of results.  Give it a try on our Resources page.