We believe that knowing your data inside out really adds value.  Shallow interpretations can be misleading and, ultimately, damaging to your business.

The Analysis Marketing Approach

1. Preparation

As with any other kind of project - be it decorating a room or studying for an exam - the greater the effort put in to the 'boring' groundwork, the better the final outcome.


With Analysis Marketing you get people who are comfortable getting their hands dirty in the nitty gritty of your data: understanding data structure, relationships between tables and data definitions and can provide the link between Marketing experience and Technical knowledge.


2. Audit & Exploration

We then explore the data in more detail.  As important as it is to have a requirements brief, it is often the case that an initial exploratory analysis will dig up areas of interest not previously thought of.


We often find anomalies or outliers that could impact on later analysis,  finding them now makes our work more accurate and relevant.


3. Detailed Analysis

For some companies, projects often start here.  This causes problems with understanding of data and slavishly following the brief, therefore potentially missing out of the really valuable nuggets of insight.


With Analysis Marketing, this stage builds on the work already done and can be anything from producing a customer segmentation, propensity modelling (likelihood to respond/buy/cancel etc.,) to campaign analysis (which ties in closely with reporting).


Within all these stages will be regular updates with you.  This means when it comes to creating insight that helps you 'move the meter' everyone can have confidence that our aims are the same as yours.