Not very sexy, but very, very important!


Data Processing is an area that doesn't often get much attention, but when it does, it is usually because things have gone badly wrong. 


Mistakes can range from the humorous - such as the mailing a Credit Card application letter to a dog - to the seriously damaging – such as deceased customers receiving communications.


Happily, Analysis Marketing can help you avoid these embarrassing situations and cut costs by:


  • Cleaning your database, identifying duplicates and lapsed customers


  • Helping you to abide with legislation such as the Mailing Preference Service and Telephone Preference Service where appropriate


  • Allowing you to get Mailsort discounts with Royal Mail by adding Postal Address File validation


  • Adding third-party information and geodemographic data to give you a more accurate customer profile


  • A full data processing audit


Make your data pull its weight!